European Weave

Sleek European Weave made of 100% Chinese and Indian human hair comes as a Silky straight style, and soft touch. Available in a range of fantastic colours, this hair is of high quality and offers you the most valuable real human hair.


12, , 14, 18, 18S, 8


1, 10, 12, 12MULTIFANCY, 14, 144, 16, 18, 1B, 2, 20, 22, 24, 27, 30, 32, 33, 34, 350, 39, 4, 5, 51, 6, 60, 613, 8, 99J, BLUE, BURG, COPPER, DARK BLUE, DARK GREEN, DARK RED, EW1820, EW18P18/27, EW18P18/30, EW18P4/12/24, FIRE RED, ICE WHITE, LIGHT PINK, MULTIFANCY, P10/16, P10/18, P10/24/613, P10/613, P12/16/613, P14/613, P16/18/30, P16/24, P16/27, P16/613, P18/22/613, P18/27, P18/613, P1B/2/4, P1B/27, P1B/30, P1B/33, P1B/99J, P2/30, P2/32, P2/33, P2/4/6, P2/5, P20/613, P22/27, P22/613, P24/613, P27/33, P27/613, P27/99J, P4/12/24, P4/27, P4/30, P5/32, P6/10/613, P6/20/613, P6/24/613, P8/10/613, P8/14/24, P8/613, p8/613, P99J/REDWINE, PINK, PURPLE, RED WINE, ROSE PINK, SILVER, T1B/27, T1B/30, T1B/33, T1B/99J, T1B/F.RED, T2/27, T4/27, T4/30, T4/613, YELLOW

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    European Weave
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    European Weave Luxury
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    Viva European Weave

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