Dream HH Mono Wig

Made from a 100% Remy and Premium Human Hair with a monofilament and soft net wig cap, this is the ultimate blend of Real Remy Hair and Premium Human Hair. The cap is made of a breathable thin fabric and is much more comfortable to wear without irritation or itchiness. Each strand of hair is attached one at a time to achieve a luxurious, life like, long lasting and natural looking wig.

Cap Construction:
Monofilament medium size, soft net cap

Length: 11"-16.5"

Hair Weight: 184g-190g

Touch: Silky and Soft

Style: From straight on top to large spiral curls at the ends

  • Angel HH Mono Wig
    Angel HH Mono Wig
  • Dream HH Mono Wig
    Dream HH Mono Wig
  • Human Hair Mono L Honey
    Human Hair Mono L Honey

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