101 DELIGHT 5PCS Clip-In 18

This hair is made of 100% tongable 101 fiber. It has 5pces of clip-in extensions in a big smooth curls style. The texture is silky and soft like human hair and can be heat styled up to 200c.  With its beautiful trend curls, this clip-in extension will be guaranteed to add volume and length and transfer you to a  a glamour look in a second.  

Weight: 100g
Weft length:
6"x1 with 2clips
8"x 2with 4 clips
10"x2 with 4clips


18, 20


1, 10, 16, 1B, 2, 22, 27, 30, 33, 4, 5, 6, 613, 8, 99J, P10/16, P10/24/613, P12/16/613, P16/613, P22A/613, P24/613, P27/613, P4/27, P6/27, TT1B/30, TT1B/33, TT1B/99J, TT4/27

  • 101 DELIGHT 5PCS Clip-In 18
    101 DELIGHT 5PCS Clip-In 18

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