Crazy For Curls

Crazy 4 Curls, an established brand offering the recognized high quality human hair in various curls and styles. Our Crazy for curls range will definitely have you spoilt for choice with plenty of styles, so if itís a unique look or gorgeous Hollywood tresses. Look no further than our Sleek Crazy for Curls range.

This range is constantly updated and always brings in new trendy styles.


22S, 8, UK/FR, 8


1, 1B, 2, 27, 30, 33, 4, 99J, FIRE RED, P1B/30, P1B/33, P1B/350, P1B/99J, P4/27, P4/30/33, SLEEK, T1B/30, T1B/33

  • Afro Cool Curl
    Afro Cool Curl
  • Afro Kinky Weave
    Afro Kinky Weave
  • Bebe Curl
    Bebe Curl
  • Cyprus Weave
    Cyprus Weave
  • Italian Weave
    Italian Weave
  • Jerry French Weave
    Jerry French Weave
  • Mexican Weave
    Mexican Weave
  • Roman Weave 8L
    Roman Weave 8L
  • Spanish Weave
    Spanish Weave

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