Crimp Yaki

100% Premium tongable fibre with a soft, natural touch and great curl retention. Performs like human hair, Fashion Idol 101 is made of natural 101, a high-tech fibre recently developed which performs remarkably like human hair.

  • Heat stylable up to 200C.
  • Stronger and longer lasting.
  • Curls retain their shape.
  • Soft touch like human hair.
  • More affordable than human hair.

  • Adorable Weave
    Adorable Weave
  • Brazilia Weave
    Brazilia Weave
  • Celeb Weave
    Celeb Weave
  • Chaka Weave
    Chaka Weave

  • Classy Weave
    Classy Weave
  • Crimp Yaki
    Crimp Yaki
  • Cutie Weave
    Cutie Weave
  • Dazzle Weave & Braid
    Dazzle Weave & Braid
  • Delux Weave
    Delux Weave
  • Desire Braid
    Desire Braid
  • Desire Weave
    Desire Weave
  • Douchess Weave
    Douchess Weave
  • Fab Weave
    Fab Weave
  • FI 101 Closure Piece
    FI 101 Closure Piece
  • Glitzy Weave
    Glitzy Weave
  • Honey Weave
    Honey Weave
  • 101 Hot Yaki Weave
    101 Hot Yaki Weave
  • Ivory Weave
    Ivory Weave
  • Kenya Natural Weave
    Kenya Natural Weave
  • Nubian Weave
    Nubian Weave
  • Passion Weave
    Passion Weave
  • Peru Natural Weave
    Peru Natural Weave
  • Rio  Natural Weave
    Rio Natural Weave
  • Star Weave
    Star Weave
  • Sweetie Weave
    Sweetie Weave

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